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Looks good! We had takoyaki gratin last night after the hockey game. Takoyaki in a cheese and mushroom sauce topped with a layer of melted mozzarella, and of course okonomi sauce. I expected the octopus to be tougher and the takoyaki to be smaller for some reason, but I know what I'll have the next time I go to that restaurant.


OH MY GOSH!!!!! As I've mentioned before, I LOVE takoyaki and Hideaki's look superb!!! OHHHHHH YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! I could almost smell them..... How lucky are You???!!!!!!!!!


They look great, and yum about the cheese! He made 63 of them??!! Wow! You are definitely very lucky!


Oh that looks so good! I love takoyaki. I tried to have it when I was in Osaka for a day but I think I got confused or confused the people at the restaurant and got okonomayaki instead. But I really like that too so it did not matter!

I have been reading your blog for a while now. Its great - love all the food!


Thanks! I really am lucky, aren't I!
63 seems like a lot, but these are really tiny. We've got to get a better grill.

Takoyaki gratin sounds interesting. If we ever have leftovers, that's what we'll do with them.

Thanks for reading Gq! Osaka's okonomiyaki can't be beat, so you made a good mistake!

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